Getting Involved

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It takes an awesome team to run a modern-day media outlet successfully. We have one of those teams. Are you interested in joining our crew? Fill out our interest form below. 

On Air

Do you want to know what it's like to be on live TV? We give students the opportunity to be featured on student productions and even launch their own TV shows from the ground up.

On the Street

Sometimes media is as simple as walking around campus and talking to people. It can actually be super fun that way too. Check out our Student Voices playlist to see what a man-on-the-street segment looks like in full. 

Behind the Scenes

For every person in front of the camera, there's a talented team of people behind it. Our NDTV crew is an experienced team of students that knows how to get productions off the ground and on the airwaves.

Post Production

In film and pre-recorded television, the real magic comes after the camera stops and the editors get to work. Here at NDTV, we use industry standard software to create professional video productions. 


What good is content with no audience? Any media organization needs skilled marketers to bring their content to its most relevant audience. 

Join the Crew

Interested in learning more or putting your skills to the test, Fill out this form, and we'll be in touch.