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Develop Your Skills

We are in the process of developing a lineup of workshops curated just for our members! Check out some of the workshops that we've done so far and submit your ideas for more!

Creating Segments With a Simple Camera and iMovie

Instructor: Ellen Geyer

In this workshop, we talk about how to create a segment for a show from start to finish using simple tools, such as a DSLR camera, iMovie, and videos from the Internet. The example we use in the workshop is a sports package. These skills can also be applied to man-on-the-street interviews, comedy skits, and more. 

Introduction to Adobe Premiere Pro

Instructor: Anthony Reo

In this workshop, we learn the basics of Adobe Premiere Pro including how the software works, how to start a project, how to add media to projects, how to cut and rearrange clips, how to create basic animations using keyframes, how to export projects as complete media files, and more. 

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